Making Extra Money Online Around Hanukah

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Why Do Paid Online Surveys?

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These days, paid online surveys from reliable websites such as Opinion Outpost or Swagbucks are making the frontlines of internet money making schemes. A lot of people are registering with these survey panels in order to start creating easy cash that can supplement their necessities. Would you want to give it a try? It may be quite difficult for you to balance your current workload, you think. However, these pain online surveys would not need much of your time. The best part is that, you can have that extra cash you need to go get you through Hanukah and the holiday season.

These online paid surveys provide you with a great option in this regard. As a matter of fact, as soon as you get the hang of it and understand how it works, you may even make it as your career. All you need to do is to sit back, relax on your favorite chair, and answer as many surveys as you can in order for you to start earning cash. If you consider yourself as a busy person, you can even just access your mobile phone during your spare time at work or at school in order to respond to these panel prompts that you have joined.

As a surveyor, your work includes the promotion of a more productive use of the technology behind the Internet. Rather than just visiting your social media, or just playing games, you may even get the chance to assist marketing research businesses and companies by participating in the surveys offered by their websites. The benefactors – the companies, can make good use of your response in order to create an even better solution that can satisfy the market that they are targeting.

Canada vs United States – Canadian Prime Minister Threatened Attack

For many years, Canada and the United States have been close friends; especially of you take a look at the world map. They’ve been sticking to each other out ever since the beginning of time and no earthquake, no tsunami, no erosion, no war and no hurricane could ever separate them. However, things seems to suddenly changed recently as the Canadian prime minister threatens to attack, which could create a large tectonic plate that could separate their countries bound by land since the beginning of time.

We all know that the united states are facing threats from countries all over the world but who thought that the one closest to them would also plot a deadly attack. Deep into Canada’s war room, the officials have announced their attack against United States if they continued to be ignored.

There are results that indicate Canada has attempted to speak with President Obama about the several issues that they’re facing. Some of them are about healthcare, illegal immigration and the war and many of them are in America’s lap. However, it seems that these pleads were just ignored by the United States and Canada isn’t happy about it.

Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper said, “for the entire existence of this country, we’ve been there for the United States. We haven’t left them nor forsaken them in times of need. A man can only be pushed so far before he gets angry.”

“We as a nation, are getting a lot of negative reaction to a lot of people from the choices of the American government. All we asked is for the government to sit down with us and discuss about the way to end this. We’re not as we are a noisy neighbor but we’re so full of it! We’ve got a number of people signing up for the military, ready to launch a potential attack. We are ready. Never leave Canada out!”

The United States president Barrack Obama is yet to make an announcement about the issue. However, the United States government finds it “kawaii” for the Canadians to think that they actually have a chance against a massive military warfare.

The former president, Bill Clinton, gave a statement that says Canada is America’s friend and they will easily cool down in time. He added that he thinks that Canada is in no way, in no shape or form that they are being serious about it. He added that Canada only wants to be heard.

“Canada has always been like this, acting like a child who can’t get his way and makes idle threats about taking the ball and go home as it were.

The Canadian prime minister gave a 10 week period before he launch a massive air strike that will tear down 30% of urban United States at the first 24 hours should the US president fails to sit down with him and talk about the issue.

Muslims Invented Global Warming – Says Bachman

Michele Bachman claims that the Muslims invented global warming in an attempt to weaken the United States before launching a full Jihadist attack.

She was asked about her opinion in an interview earlier with Fox Business about the recent report that says 2014 is the warmest year ever recorded which is believed to be a human induced climate change.

“Muslims created the global warming hoax so we bankrupt ourselves switching to renewable energy,” she said with the shocked Neil Cavuto. She added that when the economy is completely destroyed, the military force would crumble to dust, leaving the country vulnerable to the jihadi invasion forces.

“All of us know that no one can run an army using solar energy. Therefore, the Muslim Brotherhood soldiers will meet only a weak force when they arrive at our motherland’s shore. Following that event, New York and Washington will eventually fall within a couple of days and a few weeks later, we can see Chicago and Los Angeles meeting the same fate.”

“Within half a year, an Islamic caliphate would be established in America. Head shaving will become a mandatory rule. Then, churches will be destroyed and burned down, replaced by Mosques on the same ground. The roaming Yemeni thugs will rape virgin Christian woman and girls of all ages in the streets.”

“This global warming hoax is a blatant lie and it’s a dangerous plot to exterminate the western world which would lead to the establishment of a global Islamic empire. We need to expose these climate change scientists for the radical Muslims they are before it’s too late.”

During the interview, Cavuto offered Bachman a chance to take her statement back because of the possibility that the scientists might really be correct. However, she resisted and added additional comments aside from her stunning revelation earlier.

“My husband’s cousin who has a best friend teaching at a Middle School has a close teacher peer that teaches science to students explained that within the last 50 years, the Earth is actually getting colder.”

Bachman aggressively told Cavuto that her husband wouldn’t ever tell lie to her. She says that she believes more in her husband Todd than that of the Muslim guy leading the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Apparently, the Muslim person named Rajenda K. Pachauri, has led the IPCC since 2002, and he oversees the several publications of authoritative reports in the issue of climate change and its causes. He was from India and he was practicing Hindu.

Bachmann represented Minnesota’s sixth district from to January of this year. She decided not to stand for reelection in 2014 after a failed presidential campaign in 2012 nearly led to her defeat.